Jetmark II Dual Position Traverser by Automation-Plus

Jetmark II Dual Position Traverser

The JETMARK II DUAL POSITION traverser enables printing up to two individual messages with a single start command. Once enabled the traverser extends while printing one message, shifts an offset distance, and then prints a second message on the reverse stroke. The system can be set print both messages on the forward stoke if no reverse print function is available on the printer. Print Stroke is controlled by two adjustable limits on the main electric drive cylinder, and offset traverse is controlled by hard limits on a 2” pneumatic slide. An LCD touch screen provides a data entry keypad for functional setup as well as traverse speed and individual trigger delays in each direction. The unit is equipped with a filter regulator and lockable air shutoff. A foot switch with a 6’ cable is provided, but the user can use a dry contact closure to operate the traverse. A 6’ Printer control cable is also provided that has individual outputs for message select, reverse print select, and print trigger.

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