Control Panel Marking

A client from the aerospace industry approached us because they needed various identifiers marked on a 10″x12″ metal control panel. Previously, this panel was stencil marked which required that each piece of information was on its own stencil and resulted in a very time consuming process. We were able to show the client how changing to an inkjet marking application would save time, increase accuracy, and reduce drying times.

This marking project began with programming all the variable information that was to be applied to the panel into our inkjet system. The control panel was made from coated aluminum and had a thickness of 1/8″. Black and white solvent-resistant ink was used in this application. We created in-house and custom tooling for this marking project.

This project highlights our ability to assist our clients in finding a more efficient method of applying markings to a panel. By changing from stencils to inkjet marking, we were able to reduce production time by 75%. To learn more about this control panel marking project, and all of our inkjet marking capabilities, please contact us today.

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Highlights of this Control Panel Marking Project


Mark various identifiers on a 10"x12" metal panel for use in the Aerospace industry.

The project requirements were to stencil markings on a 10"x12" metal panel for the Aerospace industry. The problem with stencils is that you have to change the stencil for each piece of variable information. AP was able to convert the project from a stencil to an InkJet marking application which allowed the variable information to be programmed into the system which increased accuracy, reduced production time including faster drying times. We were able to reduce the production time by 75%.

Capabilities Applied/ProcessesNon-Contact Ink, Screen Printed, Stencil Printed
Material TypeAluminum (Terminal Strip)
Material Thickness1/8 in
Product Length12 in
Product Width10 in
Ink ColorBlack, White
Material FinishCoated
Secondary Operations AppliedIn-House Tooling, Custom Tooling
Industry for UseAerospace
Volume20 parts per day
Delivery Time2 days
Delivery LocationWichita, Kansas
Standards MetCustomer Supplied Print per Marking Standards
Drawing Type AcceptedAutoCAD, Catia